Sanger's Writings


The Margaret Sanger Papers Project has gathered together primary source material on Sanger from over three hundred archival collections and serves as the best source for Sanger's unpublished writings and correspondence. It includes letters written to and from Sanger, diaries, speeches, articles, legal records, documents produced by Sanger's organizations, and other miscellaneous material. Consult the index portion of the Reel Guides for specific citations.


Sanger wrote two autobiographies:

My Fight for Birth Control. New York: Farrar & Rinehardt, 1931.

An Autobiography. New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 1938.

Draft versions of these manuscripts appear on the Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm Edition. Consult the index for specific citations.

Other autobiographical material appears in some of her speeches and articles.

On Birth Control

A listing of the major books and pamphlets follows. Sanger wrote over 600 speeches and articles, which are indexed by title in the Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm Edition, and are in the Speeches and Articles of Margaret Sanger, 1911-1959. See also the online version of our microfilm edition on Proquest

Appeals from American Mothers. New York: New York Women's Publishing Co., 1921.

The Case for Birth Control: A Supplementary Brief and Statement of the Facts. New York: Modern Art Printing Company, 1917. (Google Books.)

Debate Between Margaret Sanger and Winter Russell. New York: The Fine Arts Guild, 1921. (see a digital image of this work at Michigan State University's Special Collections web site)

Happiness in Marriage. New York: Brentano's, 1926.

Motherhood in Bondage. New York: Brentano's, 1928. (Google Books)

The New Motherhood. London: Jonathan Cape, 1922. (British edition of Woman and the New Race)

Pivot of Civilization. New York: Brentanos, 1922. (Transcriptions available through Project Guttenberg)

Sayings of Others on Birth Control. New York: New York Women's Publishing Co., 1921.

What Every Girl Should Know. New York: M.N. Maisel, 1920. (See a digital images of a 1920 and 1922 edition at Michigan State University's Special Collections. For a digital image of an edition in Yiddish, see the Internet Archive web site. What Every Mother Should Know: Or How Six Little Children Were Taught the Truth. New York: The Rabelais Press, 1914. (See a digital image of a 1922 edition at Michigan State University's Special Collections). Woman and the New Race. New York: Brentano's, 1920. Project Gutenberg


Margaret Sanger edited the conference proceedings from several birth control and population conferences.

The Sixth International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference, New York: American Birth Control League. In four volumes:

Proceedings of the World Population Conference. London: Edward Arnold & Co., 1927.

The Practice of Contraception; An Introductory Symposium and Survey (proceedings of the Seventh International Birth Control Conference). Baltimore: Williams and Wilkins Co. 1931. With Hannah Mayer Stone.

American Conference on Birth Control and National Recovery. Biological and Medical Aspects of Contraception. Washington, DC: Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control, 1934.

The Woman Rebel

All seven issues of Sanger's 1914 journal are included in the Model Editions Project:The Woman Rebel, as well as in Microfilm Edition's Collected Documents Series. See index for specific reels and frames.

The Woman Rebel is also available as part of University Publications of America's Periodicals on Women and Women's Rights. and has been reprinted by Alex Baskin, ed. The Woman Rebel. New York: Archives of Social History, 1976.

The Birth Control Review

Sanger articles are included in the Hathi Trust, as well as in our Microfilm Edition. Also see transcribed articles written by Sanger in our digital edition, Published Writings and Speeches. See the <a href="{link publications/Collected.pdf"}index</a> under article titles for specific citations.

See University of Pennsylvania books online for entire issues.


Family Limitation (1914-1931). Many versions of this pamphlet were created. Several editions have been microfilmed as part of the Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm Edition. See index for specific citation. Several are available in our digital edition. See Family Limitation.

Dutch Methods of Birth Control (1915), available as part of the Hathi Trust was also filmed as part of our Microfilm Edition. See index for specific citation. This pamphlet is also available on our Digital Edition. See Dutch Methods of Birth Control.

English Methods of Birth Control, (1915)., filmed as part of the Microfilm Edition, is also available in our digitial edition. See English Methods of Birth Control.

Magnetation Methods of Birth Control (1915). was filmed as part of the Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm Edition. See index for specific citation. It can also be fond on Project Gutenberg.

Audio and Video

"This I Believe", 1953 radio speech

Television interview on the "Mike Wallace Interview," 1957. For a text version see: Television interview on the "Mike Wallace Interview," 1957


For a complete list of Sanger's writings, see the Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm Edition, Subseries 4.

See also Ronald and Gloria Moore, Margaret Sanger: A Bibliography, 1911-1984. Metutchen: Scarecrow Press, 1986, though not all articles have been included.