Newsletter #15 (Spring 1997)

Our Margaret Sanger: Anna Lifshiz

In 1959, Ellen Watumull prepared a two-volume tribute to her friend, Margaret Sanger and presented it to her at the Sixth International Conference on Planned Parenthood in New Delhi. The excerpt below is from the entry contributed by Sanger's secretary, Anna Lifshiz. The entire two-volume tribute has been filmed as part of the MSM S77:720-1130.


...A favorite question people would ask of Mrs. Sanger would be: "What has been your greatest hardship–the prison sentences?" Once I heard her reply, "Not at all! My greatest hardship is when some little old lady with an ear-trumpet and a cane limps down the aisle, shakes my hand after a lecture and says in a quivering voice: "Oh Mrs. Sanger, I'm so happy to meet you at last – my grandmother used to tell me about you!"