Information on Sanger Images

The Project receives many requests for images of Margaret Sanger. Though the Sanger Papers Project does own some images, we do not have the resources to provide photographic copies of them.

Instead, we recommend that you contact the following archives, some of which offer the ability to view images on-line.

The Library of Congress's Photographs and Prints Division has a searchable catalog of images, many of which can be viewed on-line. The Library of Congress generally does not require a use fee to publish its images.

Corbis has a searchable database of images. Use of these images will involve fees, but the site has a number of images of Margaret Sanger that cannot be found elsewhere.

The Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College has a large archive of Sanger photos, which form a part of her papers. As yet, these images are not searchable on-line, but you can contact the archivists there for advice and to obtain photocopies before ordering prints.

We have identified the sources of all images mounted on our web site pages on this page. If you want to use any of the images on the web site, please contact the owner of the image (not the Project--unless the image is owned by the Sanger Papers) directly.

Photo courtesy of the Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College.