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The Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm Edition: Collected Documents, published in 1997 by University Publications of America (Proquest) contains over 9,000 documents located and collected by Sanger Project staff from repositories around the world. This series contains essential documentation of the American Birth Control League, Sanger's international work, including the founding of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, as well as considerable amounts of Sanger's outgoing correspondence, particularly her revealing letters to friend Juliet Barrett Rublee.

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Documents in these two series were carefully described using item-level targets and arranged into the following five subseries:

Subseries 1: Correspondence
Sanger's incoming and outgoing correspondence, as well as letters written and received on her behalf by her secretaries.

Subseries 2: Organizational Records/Conference Materials
Organizational records, including constitutions, by-laws, minutes, publications, form letters, and reports created by birth control organizations which Sanger established, led, or in which she played a significant role. This subseries also includes proceedings, programs and other records related to conferences in the U.S. and abroad which were organized or attended by Sanger.

Subseries 3: Legal/Governmental Material
Records relating to the trials in which Sanger or one of the birth control organizations she led was a participant, and records of government legislation she sponsored.

Subseries 4: Writings
Diaries, journals, speeches, articles, unpublished manuscripts, and statements and miscellaneous writings by Sanger.

Subseries 5: Miscellany
Miscellaneous material that chronicles Sanger's non-birth control activities, family, homes, and hobbies. Also includes tributes to Sanger, itineraries, calendars, appointment books, financial records and notes and biographical information.

Reel Guide

To provide access to the documents in the microfilm edition, the Project prepared printed guides to each of its microfilmed series. Each guide includes an introduction to the collection, an essay on editorial principles and methodology, histories of each of the seventeen organizations Sanger founded or led, brief reel descriptions, and an item-level name/title index.


United States AZ Tucson University of Arizona Library
CA Berkeley University of California at Berkeley Library
East Bay California State University Library
Sacramento University of the Pacific - McGeorge School of Law
Stanford Stanford University, Green Library
CO Boulder University of Colorado Library
DC Washington Edward Williams Library Law Center Georgetown University
IL DeKalb Northern Illinois University Library
IN Indianapolis Indiana University-Purdue University
MA Cambridge Harvard University - Harvard College Library
Northampton Smith College - Sophia Smith Collection
MD Baltimore Johns Hopkins University - Milton S. Eisenhower Library
MI Detroit Detroit Public Library
MN Minneapolis University of Minnesota, Wilson Library
NJ Princeton Princeton University Library
NY Binghamton Binghamton University Library
New York Columbia University, Butler Library
New York New York University - Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
Poughkeepsie Vassar College Library
NC Durham Duke University - Perkins Library
Greeneville East Carolina University, Joyner Library
OH Athens Ohio University Library
Cleveland Cleveland Public Library
PA Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh, Hillman Library
Philadelphia University of Pennsylvania, Van Pelt Library
TX Houston Rice University, Fondren Library
WA Seattle University of Washington Libraries
Australia Melbourne University of Melbourne - Baillieu Library
Canada Montreal McGill University - Health Sciences Library
Toronto University of Toronto Library
Waterloo University of Waterloo Library
England London British Library of Political and Economic Science
Germany Goettingen University of Goettingen Bibliothek
Turkey Ankhara The Bilkent University Library

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